Your website is one of the most important elements of your digital marketing efforts, so you want to make sure that it provides potential customers with the most excellent experience possible. The best way to assess its effectiveness is through a conversion rate optimization (CRO) audit, which will highlight your website’s strengths and weaknesses.

However, in order to have an honest yet solid appraisal of your website, you’ll have to make sure you choose the right audit. Some generalist marketing firms offer free audits for your website, but these often aren’t the real deal. After all, wouldn’t you prefer a paid but thorough analysis of your website done by a team of experts instead of a free cursory assessment by a jack of all trades company?

Here are three ways a robust CRO audit improves your website optimization:

It Cleans Website Data

You may not know it, but your website may be cluttered with redundant or unnecessary data that’s increasing log time and bogging down customer experience. With the help of a CRO audit, you’ll discover errors that may be skewing observations of your website traffic.

For example, a strong CRO audit will be able to distinguish internal website traffic from external; your own staff accessing your website won’t be counted with visits from actual or potential customers. Properly filtering such data will offer you a more accurate perspective of what’s actually happening to your website.

It Spotlights Website Performance

When requesting a CRO audit for your website, you must first understand the specific goals you want for your website. Whether it’s increasing subscribers or generating leads, your website goals are crucial to the optimization process. The audit tells you where you’re succeeding in reaching those goals and the areas where you fall short. Any aspect of your website that hinders you from meeting your objectives need to be removed.

A strong CRO audit provides you with a clear and comprehensive picture of your website and how customers experience it. It shows you where you can improve using precise data and figures from analyzing the performance of your website. It also tells you what you should continue doing, which is always important to know as well.

It Provides Insights on Visitor Behavior

In order to truly optimize your website, you have to know which features or pages are receiving the most attention. This will allow you to identify the behavior of your website visitors, especially those that spend a significant amount of time on your website and clicking through multiple pages. The more you learn about their habits, the more you can tailor your website accordingly. You’ll be able to accommodate your visitors the best way possible.

For example, if certain features of your website are fairly neglected by your customers, this lets you know that it is either difficult to navigate or unnecessary to your website. You’ll be able to increase loading time and optimize your website by removing unused pages and features.


Strategically designing your website is crucial to any business’s digital marketing success, and a solid CRO audit will definitely help. You’ll find that free website audits usually don’t spotlight areas that could give you more conversions because these are done by companies who don’t specialize in it. You’ll want to make sure that your CRO audit is done by a team of experts who really know how to look at your data, analyze it, and offer solutions that truly work.

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