The average conversion rate of many eCommerce sites falls somewhere around 2 and 3 percent. Whether this means a sale or a subscription, anyone who runs an ecommerce business understands how difficult it is to convert visitors into buyers or subscribers.

The internet has become such a competitive place in terms of business that it is incumbent on every business to take whatever edge they can get. With eCommerce giants like Amazon out there looking to gather as many sales as possible, it is important to take every opportunity to boost your conversion rate. As such, we have created this guide to boosting your conversion rates.

With no further ado, here it is:

1. Get your pages to load more quickly

Even a delay of a single second can cause a 7% drop in your conversion rate. If your conversion rate already averages around 2%, this is not a drop you can afford. It could mean thousands and thousands of dollars in lost customers every year.

Try to get a gauge of the average internet speed in your area of business (if you have one). Make sure your web design partners create a website with that in mind. It should never take longer than 2 seconds to fully load your landing page lest you lose precious customers to your competition.

2. Prove your worth

One of the ways to prove your worth is by publishing positive reviews on your website. Customers may make reviews on yelp or Facebook, and it’s important to highlight these positive responses. It may also help if you linked to YouTubers’ reviews of your products or services.

That being said, it is important not to be afraid of negative reviews. They may give you some insight into how you can improve your products or services. If you get negative customer feedback, respond accordingly to their concern. The better their concerns are addressed, the more likely they are to change their perspective from negative to positive. They might even come back to try again!

3. Minimize forms

While collecting data from your users and customers is important, there is nothing as important as making the conversion. Asking your users to provide too much of their own information can result in abandoned carts.

What you could do instead is to allow guest checkout or PayPal checkout. This lets them buy the product without having to type in so much of their information themselves. This addresses two of their concerns: convenience and the security of their data.

4. Use pop-ups within the website

While this might frighten you a little bit, a good pop-up strategy can actually boost your conversion rates by 9%. With the right execution, these can improve user engagement and convert more people than you usually would.

Your pop-ups could simply ask your visitors to subscribe to your email list, or check out products related to things that are already in their cart. For example, if your product works well with some accompanying accessories, it might do you well to offer them those accessories in a pop-up.

Final thoughts

eCommerce is an incredibly competitive field of business. That makes adjusting your strategies to generate more conversions and better strategies to lure customers in. While these are just some of the strategies you can employ, they are sure to generate better and more meaningful results over time.

If you’re looking for someone to help boost your conversion rates, send us at Convert Cow a message. We are a small group of website owners with over ten years in online conversion rate optimization.