Businesses need an online platform to achieve better chances of hauling new customers every day. Whether you decide to utilize social media accounts or manage a website, you need to have a compelling landing page that contains all the necessary information you need to maintain your customers’ interest.

Dynamic landing pages should captivate an audience by providing relevant content with visually stimulating imagery that, in turn, will help your business earn more revenue. To do this, you have to understand your customers’ likes and dislikes and provide them with what they want.

To create a successful landing page, it’s crucial to know some of the common mistakes that cause them to fail in converting the target audience. In that regard, here are three key landing page mistakes you should avoid at all costs:

You Don’t Have a Clear Target Audience

Part of designing a website for your business is basing it on a target audience that makes up your customers. If you don’t base your landing page according to what the people who support your brand want, your design and copy become inconsistent and all over the place.   

Creating a buyer persona is an excellent solution to narrowing down the focus of your online marketing strategies. It shows your target’s behaviors and interests, including what they want to achieve from your website.

The copy of your landing page should also be brief and effective, mirroring your buyer persona’s wants and needs in a glance. The size of your company is another determinant factor to what these needs are in particular. 

Your Landing Page is Disorganized

A landing page doesn’t have to include too much design to make a mark on your clients. Sometimes, it only needs to be functional and straightforward. Your goal is to successfully provide a call to action (CTA) that users can easily find without requiring any assistance.

Your design must be smooth and meaningful to provide better page loading results. Aside from that, ensure to showcase cohesive graphics, striking headers, and complementary colors that don’t clash with your background color to highlight what you’re trying to sell.

If you prefer a landing page that exudes a pop of color, it shouldn’t be too bright that your visitors end up losing their focus on the content at hand. Instead, focus on a color scheme that portrays elegance and professionalism.

Having a cluttered layout can be distracting for users, so avoid using different visual elements that don’t end up matching. Your landing page must also offer enough breathing space to direct attention to the product or service you’re showcasing.

Your Content is Too Complicated

Your landing page serves as your company’s face. So to leave a lasting impression, you don’t have to include all your information—like your background story and mission statement—all at once.

When deciding on your homepage content, choose content that is direct to the point and easy to understand. Try not to use exaggerated words that your readers won’t be able to comprehend.

Most of the time, visitors want the solution presented to them and not have to sift through paragraphs made up of complex language. People appreciate a copy that results in a simple CTA. By focusing on providing the point right away, customers won’t end up straying from your website in hopes of looking for an answer elsewhere.

Aside from giving the solution right off the bat, providing your product or service’s many benefits and uses is also essential. After all, buyers are interested in a product or service they know will come in handy to them.

Adding descriptive words would also be useful for catching your visitor’s interest, but it’s better to keep it coherent and honest to avoid losing your customers’ enthusiasm to purchase from you.


Having a simple landing page doesn’t mean your website is dull and ordinary. If your customers can go straight to your CTA and leave your website feeling accomplished, then you’ve achieved your mission—allowing you to sell off your product and service efficiently.

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