Marketing campaigns for any brand or business should always end with a strong call to action (CTA). At the end of your online marketing efforts, the CTA comes in to tell your audience what to do once they reach your website or landing page. Making your CTA clear, engaging, and informative can encourage the right users to click on your ad and do what you need them to do!

Here are ways that you can craft your CTA to make it successful:

  • Give Your Audience a Reason to Follow Through

Customers will always be thinking, “What’s in it for me?” They will carefully assess how your value proposition will, in turn, add value to their lives. Using your unique selling point (USP) and integrating it with your CTA can help you acquire more leads and increase clicks. Common examples include, “Contact us today for a free quote!” The action is clearly established, and the reason to take that action is provided!

  • Start Your CTA with a Strong Command Verb

Action words that immediately convey to the audience what you want them to do will make your CTA more effective, given the limited word count. Use words relevant to your business; so for example, an e-commerce website would start with the words “buy” and “order” while newsletters or ebooks can ask audiences to “download” or “subscribe.” 

Make sure that they know where to find what you are asking them to do; otherwise, the action won’t be completed!

  • Create a Tone of Enthusiasm

Enthusiastic CTAs will influence your customers to be enthusiastic as well. Use language that excites people, which is often accompanied by exclamation points, such as saying, “Buy one now and get one free!” In this instance, your audience will be thrilled at the chance to get a free item from your brand. 

Remember, keep the tone light but not forceful!

  • Utilize “FOMO” as a Tactic

FOMO is an acronym that stands for “fear of missing out,” and it’s one of the most effective ways to angle your CTA so that audiences are enticed to subscribe, purchase, or whatever it is the final action calls for. 

People who fear losing out on a good opportunity or an excellent deal will tend to hop on the bandwagon. The most common examples of using FOMO are sales that have a deadline, which can be phrased as “Get half off now while supplies last!” Taking advantage of time-sensitive opportunities like holiday sales in your digital marketing strategy will surely get you more clicks.

  • Flex Your Creativity 

While testing your CTAs using something like the tried and tested A/B test to find out which gets you more clicks, try thinking outside the box rather than sticking to the surefire formula that may not always bring you the results you expect. A low response rate to ads might be an indicator that it’s time to try something new. 

Without breaking the rules you know to be effective, try injecting some humor, wit, or other out of the box ideas into your CTA. You might be surprised by how your audiences respond to it.  


Well constructed CTAs can pull your audience in and seal the deal by taking that action you want them to. It takes an informative, engaging, and exciting call to action to motivate people and help them confirm their decisions. By following these five guidelines and with the help of the right digital marketing company, you can execute a successful campaign with an ending that will bring you results by calling an audience to action. 

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