“Social proof” is a term coined by Robert Cialdini in his book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion published way back in 1984. This refers to people’s tendency to follow the behavior of others, believing that if these people have performed them, it must be the correct behavior for that situation. 

When applied to online marketing, social proof includes strategies, materials, or any kind of evidence proving that other people have found value in a particular product or service to encourage them to hop on the bandwagon. Leveraging this concept as you craft your digital marketing strategy and showing potential customers how popular your product is can help you increase your conversion rate.

You may think your current strategy is enough, but having your customers—and even experts or celebrities—promote your business can bring you more engagement, leads, and growth.

To help you get started on incorporating social proof into your digital marketing, here are some types you can explore.

1. Client Showcase

If you are working with popular clients, you can leverage that connection to increase your credibility and establish your expertise in your chosen field. Having logos of well-known clients on your website can help build trust with potential clients, giving them the confidence to partner with your business as well. It makes them believe that if these brands trust your product or service, it must be of high quality.

2. Customer Reviews

Reviews do more than just making you and your website look credible. They’re also very influential in a customer’s decision-making process.

Many customers today trust online reviews like how they would trust a peer’s referral or suggestion. Moreover, there are popular services out there compiling these reviews for easier access. You must take advantage of these aspects to boost your visibility and improve your credibility.

However, never resort to faking the reviews! Negative reviews can also be helpful to your credibility, as long as it is balanced by positive ones. This provides an honest and genuine assessment of your product or service that customers will not be hesitant to believe.

3. Endorsements from Social Media Influencers

With the continued rise of celebrities and online personalities, influencer marketing has become a popular way to endorse products and generate more sales.

If you are looking to get celebrities to be ambassadors for your business, it’s important to consider several factors before sealing the deal. For starters, take note of the relevant statistic of your target audience—their personalities, behavior, and values. The ambassador you choose must embody these and must have a brand that is relatable to your audience. Otherwise, the disconnect can make your endorsements fail.


The technology we have today, along with the continued rise of social media platforms, now makes it possible for other people to create content. This opens more possibilities for you to widen your reach, reinforce your credibility, and generate more sales.

In particular, incorporating social proof into your digital marketing allows you to change up your strategy and come up with new ways to succeed in advertising your offering and growing your business.

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