If you are running a business website, you may have probably heard of search engine optimization (SEO). Many successful sites use SEO to increase page traffic and views. It increases visibility and ranking on the list of results that a search engine generates. If you want people to find your site, you will need to implement some form of SEO.

One of the essential strategies of SEO is to populate your site with relevant content. Content can come in the form of blogs, news articles, photos, videos, or infographics, among other things. These various forms of media are filled with keywords that search engines use to sort through all the information available on the internet. Content lures viewers in from search engines and gives them insight into what your business is all about.

If you upload relevant content regularly but still aren’t getting as many views as you like or generating quality leads, you might need to take steps to optimize your content. Here are some tips that might help you boost the quality of your material:

1. Write high-quality blog content

Posting word salad sprinkled with keywords won’t cut it anymore in today’s competitive world of online marketing. People are looking for exciting, helpful, and insightful information that will help them solve their problems. To get people onto your site, you need to catch their attention with click-worthy titles and intelligently-written pieces that offer tips, advice, or recommendations. Use keywords sparingly throughout your articles to make it sound more natural rather than forced.

2. Switch up your topics

Plan your content wisely by changing up the topics and exploring fields related to your business. You can breakdown broader subjects and do focused pieces, write about what you learned from mistakes rather than giving advice or interview an expert in the industry you operate in. Some sites invite guest writers to upload content to offer new and exciting perspectives. Whatever you write, be sure to keep in mind that you are writing to help potential customers find answers and solutions to their questions.

3. Use videos and photos in your blogs

Break up the monotony of text with supporting images or short video tutorials. Filling your articles with interesting visuals builds your credibility on a subject. It can also increase customer retention, that is, keeping the traffic on your site and interested in your business. The longer they stay on your page, the more likely they are to explore your offerings and consider purchasing your goods.

4. Expand your articles

A good blog article is typically five to seven hundred words. It will take the average user usually three to five minutes to read through, but that might not be enough time to decide that they want to know more about your products or services. Revisit some of your previous posts and see if you can expand them to 1000 words or more. Having longer articles is also a good retention strategy.

5. Link to other content within your page

If you are offering solutions, link to your products or direct them to other articles within your site that provide more insight on a related topic. Much like using videos and photos, linking pages can keep viewers interested. When they spend visiting other areas of your site, you increase your customer conversion rate or the likelihood of turning your site visitor into an actual customer.

6. Write attractive meta descriptions

Meta descriptions are short blurbs that appear beneath your link when Google or other search engines display it. They offer viewers a taste of what they can expect in an article. It also clues them if your link will lead them to find the answers they are looking for. Attract them by providing unique and descriptive summaries containing keywords in 160 characters or shorter.

The Bottom Line

If you have been diligently uploading content to your site, you are already on the right track. Improve your customer retention and conversion by refining, streamlining, and expanding your content to keep it fresh and exciting for viewers to read. You want to make sure that your business stays current, otherwise, you risk becoming irrelevant and forgotten.

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